Meter readings not the same as the app

Hi , my smart meter shows a reading but since April the reading doesn’t match the app! Will this be sorted soon ?? As my bill has almost doubled !! I would submit a reading if the app would allow me!!!

If readings on your bill aren’t reflecting what’s on your smart meter then there’s a problem. If you’re talking about the in-home display, then that’s less of an issue. Albeit probably annoying it doesn’t affect your bills.

I don’t use mine and just look at the app, which seems reasonably accurate. Except for the fact that the usage is in pounds, so with the April price rise you can’t compare usage to prior months by just looking at the graphs.

A really simple thing to do (given you need the kWh usage anyway to calculate the cost), but for some reason Bulb have never implemented it.

Hi Rosario :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch with us and I am really sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

As Norman noted this looks to be an issue with your In-home display as we are receiving smart meter readings from both of your meters. We can try remotely commissioning your IHD to see if we can update it to reflect your actual readings. I will be in touch over email with some further details on what this involves.

In the meantime, you will be able to view your actual usage in you Bulb account by viewing the energy usage graph.

Jenny :star: