Meter readings. Oh gawd

I’ve submitted my meter readings twice already using both numbers and photos. Alas, on my bulb account it is still requesting an electricity meter reading. Really? How many times do I have to do this. I think I may leave and go elsewhere.

When you submit your meter readings (not the photograph variety) do you get an email acknowledgement from Bulb?

Same problem with me.
I submit both meter readings with photo evidence three times but only
gas meter reading updated.
now I receive electric bill many times over the amount I used.
Bulb has lost the plot!

It’ll be a lot easier if you don’t keep posting essentially the same thing over many different threads. Keep it to one thread or everything will get very confusing.

See: What is going on with BULB?

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I’ve changed the title so Meter is spelled correctly and this thread will appear for search queries for ‘Meter’, instead of a query for ‘Meyer’