Meter readings on and after 31st March

Hi, i`ve been with Bulb for years now so i now how to submit meter readings however …
I put meter readings in on the 31st March as per all the advice out there but do i still need to put my normal up to date meter readings in on the 3rd April as i normally would ?

Assuming the 3rd is your usual date for submitting readings, if you don’t do so, Bulb will just use estimates. They shouldn’t be far out if you’ve provided readings on 31st, so it’s up to you. Any estimates would be corrected by your actual readings in May.

You should only pay the increase from and including April first not from before.

Hi, and thank you for the replies.
I took and entered my meter readings on the 31st March and i`ve also entered the new up to date meter readings again this morning 3rd April which is my normal day for submitting readings.
Both are now showing on my account so i should be covered :slightly_smiling_face: