Meter readings problems

Hi, I arranged to have a smart meter installed in my holiday home on the 28th of June 2021. The engineer fitted the meter but it kept tripping the power. He explained that this sometimes happens so he removed it, reinstalled the original meter and told us that he would update Bulb with the meter reading and organise another install appointment.
Now I am getting emails asking me to submit a meter reading as you haven’t received 1 since June 21 but whenever I submit a reading, the previous reading is all zeros and I am asked to send a photo.
I called support but was told that my meter reading was too long but when I tried to explain he wasn’t really interested.
I have also tried to book a new smart meter install but your system tells me that I already have one.
Is there any way to get this resolved.
Regards Paul

Hi Paul :wave: Welcome to Community :partying_face:

It looks like we have updated your account with the smart meter details even though the installation was not successful, this is why you are having issues.

I have sent you an email from myself as I need a photo of your current meter. Please get back to me there and we can stay in touch until this is sorted.

– KT :bulb: