Meter Readings - Problems

Had Smart Meter fitted in early October, but since then have only had estimates on my monthly bills. No response from emails sent to Bulb asking why this is. Can’t submit accurate meter readings because meter reading went back to zero when Smart Meter was fitted, so won’t accept readings that are less than the previous reading (before Smart Meter was fitted)!!! So can’t give Bulb accurate readings, Smart Meter clearly isn’t working and Bulb don’t respond to emails sent. Any idea what I can do? Quite tempted to leave Bulb for another company who respond to queries.

Welcome to the unenviable club of members with a non or partly functioning In Home Display (IHD).

My story started June 3rd when I had my new smart meters installed. The smart meters were offered as a way to resolve the issue of my old magnet based electricity meter running backwards following the installation of PV solar panels in March.
After the smart meters installation only my gas meter appeared to be communicating with the IHD, even though

  1. The electricity meter is the closest to the IHD
  2. the electricity meter is required to communicate with the IHD.
  3. Both meters are within 10 metres of each other and the IHD
  4. The IHD is connected to my home WIFI

My issue is further compounded by the fact I’m also prevented from submitting manual meter readings because the old electricity meter has not been properly decommissioned so still appear to be linked to my account, meaning the new lower electricity reading is not accepted.

All of the above has culminated in me not having received an “accurate” statement since March or statement of any kind since June.

I have also noticed the following

  1. My account seemed to have been momentarily updated with the correct automatic reading from my communicating electricity meter as this WAS visible on the account for a few days before completely disappearing and removing all electricity reading after June 2019

  2. My IHD3 has not updated to the latest version of ZigBee meaning that despite successfully pairing with the Smart Things app I’m unable receive information.

I’ve stopped actively pursuing this via customer services as the reassurance and promises of fixes never materialised or date passed without resolution, and or the Bulb CS agent was unable to determine when an engineer would be able to provide a fix for the problems with the electricity smarter meter.

Not sure whether this is relevant but I’m in Sheffield. I get the impression most people with issues might be based in the north and fixes are being rolled out geographically, but this hasn’t been substantiated in anyway

@mulhollandsue I just wanted to give you an update.

After responding to you I used Bulbs in-app chat function to speak to an agent.

I explained my issue with the electricity meter and sent a photo. The agent told me he’d update my account with the new meter details. He informed me it wouldn’t resolve all my issues, but should allow me to submit manual electricity reading. He also told me to give it two weeks and come back to Bulb if my old meter was still attached to my account when i try it provide readings

Anyway long story short and I’m not even sure if the two are related, but I got a statement for December yesterday.

Gas was right but electricity is not correct, but have emailed bulb to correct the error.

Hopefully this will be working correctly by the new year.