Meter Readings: Queries

Ive tried at least 20 times amd have had a problem each time

This is not a helpful reply. Just because you don’t have any problems doesn’t mean everything is fine. It’s quite clear that this is an ongoing real problem, and it’s not just a whole bunch of stupid people that don’t know how to log into a website, which is what you seem to be assuming.

This bug has been around for at least 2+ years, and mostly just affected people who had an old Bulb account that was since closed, and then became a customer again with the same email address. The Bulb backend software can’t handle a new switch to a closed account, and shows only the closed account which has nothing but a link to community. Someone at Bulb has to reset the password and sort out the account so that it no longer is flagged as closed. Over the last month or so this bug seems to have got much worse and now affects lots of new customers that have never had a Bulb account previously. Quite why Bulb haven’t got their entire dev team working on a hotfix I don’t know. It’s pissing off so many new customers and the load on the customer service team must be huge. No wonder customer service is so poor when they’re handling queries that shouldn’t even exist.


Problem sorted - thanks for that Bulb

You have asked for meter readings but I have tried to log in many times over the last three weeks
and cannot get away from the community site to enter. I have had nothing but problems in entering readings since I joined Bulb a few years ago. I will be moving house shortly and will certainly not be taking Bulb with me. You are rubbish.
Please advise how I can give to today’s readings.

What happens if you go to

Hi everyone,

I’ve sent out a reset link via email, allowing you all to log in.

@hooloovoo is right about the cause of this issue. Sadly, the fix hasn’t been as easy as we would’ve liked, and I think it’s fair that we offer a bit more transparency on the situation.

Bulb use a fantastic, third-party billing system, however its existing API doesn’t allow us to reset multiple cancelled accounts automatically. We’ve been using a pretty nifty work-around for this, however as we’re currently experiencing a busy period of signups, we’re finding that it can take a couple of days for our method to automatically reset your accounts.

If this error is happening to you, we would recommend waiting a couple of days and trying again. If the issue still hasn’t been resolved, then please get in touch us directly. Feel free to drop me a message on Community and I can do that for you.

You shouldn’t have to wait though, which is why we’re excited to share some good news; an API update is being rolled out very soon to solve this issue in particular. Our devs are currently preparing for the update so that the Bulb Account fix can reach production as quickly as possible. I’ll make sure to keep you all updated. Thanks again for being so patient.


Hi, I signed up with you more than a month ago and am still having this problem. I have a new email today asking for meter readings, and can still only see this community when I try to log in

Hi @ciaradoyle,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having issues. I’ve just requested a password reset link which will reach you via email shortly.

Thanks, that worked. Sorted now

I’ve been asked to submit a meter reading (I’m a new client!) but there’s no where on my account that allows me to submit it. I’m just referred to the community page. What can I do?

I am experiencing the same issue, I always get redirected to the community when I sign in to my account. I’m switching and couldn’t submit the meter reading in time!
Can you please fix my account too? Thank you.

I am the same there is no where I can submit the reading please help

I am having the same issue. I can’t get through to anyone on the phone having been on hold for nearly an hour. Please could someone assist, we have recently moved house and I’m trying to give final readings on the old place and first meter readings on the new place. Thanks.

Same issue!

I have had an email asking for my first reading and I am just redirected here! Tried resetting my password and can’t get to my account to add readings!

Really useful, thanks Bulb! Off to a good start :frowning:

@William_at_Bulb please can you help?


Same issue, what should I do?

@William_at_Bulb Can you please help me with this issue? Thank you.

Hi I was a bulb member in my previous house and from the 1/ 1 /2020 unfortunately i cant get to give a meter reading as I can’t get by community I recieved excellent public relations with my previous bulb accounts I have spent many hours trying to give the previous suppliers reading

Please remove your full details.
This is a publicly accessible internet forum and your name, and address, and email are fully visible to anyone on this website.
I have flagged this so in the absence of you doing anything it should be redacted anyway.

I am just the same. I can’t check bills, or supply meter readings. Everything just goes straight back to community.
Please advise.

Phone bulb, and wait for an account reset. This is now a common occurrence that new bulb sign ups are being redirected to the community