Meter readings repeatedly ignored

My meter readings are ignored. During the summer we used only 1 gas unit per month for cooking. We were told “this is significantly different than what we expect” and had to upload a picture of our meter. After couple of months of doing this it was accepted. Then in November we turned on the heating and started using 300+ units. (It’s a chapel conversion) Again with the we dont believe you. Again with the instructions to upload pictures. Except this time 3 months later we are still being ignored and our accurate readings replaced by very low bulb estimates, and suggestions that we should reduce our payments. I mailed customer services (again) but a week later they still haven’t bothered to reply. I’m fed up.


I can imagine this is very frustrating for you. This is a public community forum , have you tried telephoning Bulb or using their chat line to get to the bottom of your problem?

Ah, didn’t realise it was public, thought it was Bulbs support. Yes, in the past I’ve done both, ringinging them and chatting online to get them to accept readings. But to be honest I’m fed up of the combative our-algorithm-knows-better attitude and I’m sick of having to jump through hoops at my own time and expense just to get them to accept the visual evidence they’ve already asked for and then ignored. At the rate we are going we’ll end up owing thousands of pounds through no fault of our own. Not a happy bulb customer.

Ah, didn't realise it was public, thought it was Bulbs support..

No problem, you are one of many many Bulb customers who don’t realise this is a Community forum rather than direct access to the Bulb Team.

I hope one of the Bulb team will see this thread and respond to you with the appropriate advice and solution,.

Ah, didn't realise it was public, thought it was Bulbs support.

Could you suggest anything that would help resolve that confusion? Genuine question, as Allan said this happens an awful lot even to the extent of people posting full personal details. Was there anything in particular that led you to believe it was private communication with Bulb? We’ve been trying to make suggestions as to what Bulb could do to stop it happening.

At the rate we are going we'll end up owing thousands of pounds through no fault of our own. Not a happy bulb customer.

What you could do is manually increase your direct debit to a level you know is right based on the bills you expect. Or even make a one-off top up to your account. I’m not proposing this as a solution by any means, more of a workaround, but at least then the credit would be there ready for when the bill does get sorted out and you don’t end up with a massive bill to pay.

I’ve been and had another look at the website and think it’s just fat finger trouble with my phone. I thought I’d pressed Help but it looks like I actually pressed Community. I’d already emailed them without response so was trying to find another way to get their attention.
I think if my current debit is maintained it should just about even out over the year, but bulb already changed it once and if they reduce it, we’ll run up a debt. I dont trust them any more i think is the bottom line. Thank you both for your thoughts.

Hi @Chaz, we are sorry that you’ve had such difficulty submitting meter readings. Our system has been rejecting your readings as it believes the consumption at your property is much lower than it actually is.

Your estimated annual consumption (EAC) is calculated by a trusted third party company who has access to all previous and current meter readings at the property. Your EAC gets updated and sent to us on a monthly basis, which we use to check if your monthly reading is as expected.

Unfortunately, the EAC values that are being sent to us are clearly too low. Normally this issue will fix itself, as the third party company gains a better understanding of your usage every time we send them your readings. We are sorry that this has not happened soon enough, I have sent a request to the third party company to correct your consumption manually.

In the meantime, I have changed your EAC on our system and have submitted your actual readings. This isn’t a long term fix unfortunately, as your EAC will be overwritten with the next monthly figure that we receive, which is why it’s important that they are sent correctly in the first place, hence my request.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process, I have replied to your email so you have a point of contact for any future queries.

Cheers @“William at Bulb” , I did wonder belatedly if EAC was at fault. We only moved into the property last year, and it was at that time it was converted from Oil to Gas, so previous consumption will bear no relation to current/future consumption. Thank you for update and for adding reading to account. Cheers