Meter readings switched around from Dec 2020

I joined bulb in 2019 and have submitted regular meter readings and all has been ok until Oct/Nov usage when the readings changed around on my meter.
The RO1 reading switched to the higher number and vis versa.
Ive been told by customer services chat room that it is correct and was previously wrong, however I have enquired about this and the RO1 reading definitely is the night/low rate and the RO2 is the day/normal rate. This is an Eon meter and is confirmed on their website. Im getting very stressed by this as Its now showing me in debt and don’t know where to turn.

Hi years ago I was with Eon!! I have an E7 meter. It was only when eon started their own meter readers that they reversed the day and night readings. The best way to check which reading is which is to do a daytime readings a few hours apart and see which rate moves!!! In my case rate one is the daytime and rate four is the night(Off-peak) hope this helps take care J. Also years ago Eon were on rip-off Britain for this!!

Hey @bridgetbone2 Sorry to hear about this, We do need to check this for you. Thankfully @jforshawl20 has confirmed what needs to be done. Please follow these instructions with pictures at the start (Morning) and then in the afternoon. Whatever has moved will be your day rate. Please email results to and we can take it up from there.