Meter readings the wrong way around. What should I do?

Hi there. I’ve been asked to submit my first meter reading, but the readings already supplied (listed as the last reading from my previous supplier) appear to be the wrong way round i.e. the day reading has the night reading and visa versa. What should I do? If I enter the day reading in the day reading box, and the night reading in the night reading box, they won’t match up with the previous readings, but if I enter the day reading in the night reading box and visa versa, as appears to have been done for the readings from the previous supplier, they will be incorrect. Any advice much appreciated.

Speaking purely as another customer, I wouldn’t submit any meter readings until the issue has been resolved.

Phone Bulb on Monday morning and explain the problem.

Thanks Hooloovoo, that sounds like good advice - I’ll give them a call on Monday.