Meter Readings - web site entry

I have a three rate smart meter. Occasionally, I manually enter readings for my account at the Bulb web site.

Would it be possible for the three registers to be labelled with the rate to which they refer to avoid any possible confusion with entering the readings in the future please?

(I have been entering readings manually because the last bill l received was estimated and not based on actual readings).

Have attached screenshot.

Hi @Pete22 I can see we’ve since received smart reads on 01/05 (one day after you entered your own readings). We’ve got a channel for great member feedback and I’ll be sure to pass that on. Economy 7 meters show the day & night rate when members go the ‘submit reading’ screen on their account. I suspect we haven’t done this as members on the smart tariff usually don’t need to use this function

Thank you Matthew.

From my own experience with the online meter reading form, I still think it would be a good idea to have some sort of identification as to which rate each field refers to. When I think about my own experience with the form, it wasn’t immediately obvious which field applied to each specific rate. I needed to take time out to check the estimated bill and my own readings history to ensure I entered the readings in the right place.

Like you say, with the smart meter, manually entering meter readings will generally not be required. But for the few times that it is, this would be very helpful.

@Pete22 I completely agree and did raise this in the relevant channel yesterday. I agree and one of the things we want the Bulb Account to be is as simple as possible. Our app has a great rating and we’re proud of it, but if you notice anything that could be made clearer, or just a feature you’d like to see we’d love to hear it

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