Meter readings when switching

I’m in the process of switching to Bulb, the start date being 16th February.
It was stated on my original Bulb welcome information that I would be required to submit my meter readings to Bulb 5 days before the switch date, which I’ve done, & that Bulb would in turn submit the readings to my current energy provider (Scottish Power) which implies that I don’t need to give readings to them.
I don’t know whether to give Scottish Power meter readings, even though on my online account page it indicates that it would help them prepare my final bill, because it might cause confusion because the readings now will obviously be different.
So I’d appreciate it if you could tell me what the usual procedure is as I’ve assumed that Bulb pretty much took care of everything.

@beezer0418, you’re right in thinking that Bulb will handle all of this for you.

The meter readings will take a few weeks to be validated (by a third party) and sent across to your old supplier though so you might not get your final bill from Scottish Power until March.

@beezer0418 I agree with what @mowcius wrote, and would add that it shan’t speed up the Scottish Power final bill creation timeframe to give them the meter reads. Bulb will give them those reads. That said, it shouldn’t cause any problem to give Scottish Power those reads, either. It’s a benign but unnecessary thing for Scottish Power to ask for.