Meter Readings

I’ve just entered my meter readings and looking at my usage the readings in there are totally different to what I entered! is there a problem with entering meter readings…

Hi @quaddra, I’ve had a look at your readings and they seem reasonable compared to your previous reading. If anything you’re using less than the national average, so that’s good.

When you enter a reading, the site checks it against an estimate generated by the energy industry. If it looks somewhat different to this the site will prompt you to double-check that you’ve entered your reading correctly. If you’re sure then just hit “Submit anyway”. Is this the problem you’re seeing?

No… I received the double-check window and submit anyway which I did… My reading entered were Elec 90763 Gas 4768 but the recordered readings by Bulb were Elec 90647 & Gas 4756 totally different to what I entered… No point in submitting readings if they are being changed by Bulb software!

Hi @quaddra the readings of 90647 and 4756 are the previous readings you gave us on the 26th of August. If you head to you can see all of the readings that you’ve given us. You can see your new readings of 90763 and 4768 in there.

Hi I’ve just checked my usage and the readings I entered have now shown on the page. Obviously there must have been a delay in the readings being entered. The 90647 & 4756 I’m informed were my start off readings… problem solved

Great stuff. Glad it’s sorted. Have a great rest of your day.