Meter readings

I entered our first meter readings today, but when I looked at “View my energy usage” it only has my electricity meter reading, not my gas reading, and has the date listed as 18th October. Unless I’ve slipped through a space-time portal, I think it’s still the 14th Oct. Is this a glitch or am I just being paranoid?!

Hi @polarchick It looks like you’ve logged into the community using a different account to your Bulb account, so I can’t look up your energy without asking you a couple of personal questions. I’ve just dropped you a private message so I can get it without having to post it in public. Take a look there and I can help you get it all sorted.

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All answered by Will (thanks!) - if anyone is following this thread, basically the 18th is our start date with Bulb after switching supplier (there’s a 5 day leeway with meter readings), and the gas meter reading is received and pending. All good.

how do i read my meter when my smart meter as been shut down

Hi @stanley854! Though your in-house display will stop working you should be able to still read the two separate meters.

If you pop onto this community page we’ve got a few tips and tricks for doing this:

this si the 3rd time i have tried,and last

Hi @twink can you please give more context for your comment? I didn’t understand it.

I see your last day with Bulb was 17/09/17, so no need to give us more meter readings (assuming the subject of your comment was meter readings?).