Meter readings

Hi, I am trying to give electric meter readings, we are currently on a standard single rate tariff with our current supplier and are switching to you, at the moment I give the current supplier two readings as the house used to have an twin rate supply which we didn’t want to be on, they didn’t require the meter to be changed, they simply added the usage values together. When I try to put my meter readings in to your site, there is only one box, how can I give you both readings, we want you stay on a single rate supply. Thanks

Hi @mark949 thank you for flagging this. I’ve changed the details we have for your meter to reflect that it is a 2-register meter. In keeping with the arrangement you had with your previous supplier, we, too, will add the usage values together. We call this a ‘1-Rate for E7’ agreement.

All of that said – if you still see only one box when you try to submit your readings online, can you please let me know?