Meter Readings

I send in meter readings every month and these are consistently lower than the estimated reading within a few days in the same month yet it appears that it is the estimates that are used to calculate my bill?

Hi @jill1206, the system likes to fill any gaps in meter reads with estimates. For the last 3 months, you’ve been so efficient and provided the reading straight after receiving our email asking for them. But because you’ve been so quick, the system sees a gap of 4 days without a meter read and puts an estimate in there for you (usually very small).

It’s just an estimate to bridge the gap to the end of your bill and it is actually estimated from the read you provided, so i’d not worry about it too much.

The logic behind sending the email at that time is that it gives you a warning to provide a read in the next few days and the majority of people aren’t as efficient as you are, so we get the reads trickling in across the next few days.

I hope this all makes sense!