Meter Readings

Hi there - you requested meter readings for the switch over on 13th October - I provided these yesterday however only the gas reading is showing on my account. I just want to make sure you received the electric reading also? Many thanks.

Dear Bulb - this is also the case for me too i.e. you requested my meter readings on the 13th October which I provided. I have waited 24 hours for my account to update however I can only see the gas reading showing on my account. I too would like to make sure you received the electricity reading aswell. Thank-You

Hi @michelle650 & @Harpal - thanks for getting in touch!

It looks like you’ve both been hit by the same glitch, but I’ve just checked both your accounts and there’s no problem with your electricity meter readings. They’ve loaded into our system properly and should show up on your online accounts soon, and I’ve sent this over to the tech team to take a look at so that it’s not an issue for anyone in future :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any further problems and we’ll get everything sorted asap!

Great stuff, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @sam_c
Thanks for your response, really appreciated. I’ve just logged into my account and yes I can now see both Gas and Electricity meter readings
Perfect. Regards Harpal

@michelle650 and @Harpal - I’ll pass on your thanks to Sam. He’s a good 'un :3

I sent you both Gas and Electric readings on Monday. In my case only Electricity was updated. I have just resent the Gas reading. Perhaps their is a bug in your system that needs looking at?

Hi Tim, gas readings have to be validated by the industry before they can be inputted into the system. I can see that you have submitted 25,645 and should be visible soon. Owen

Hi Owen. 25645 was my opening reading that I sent you about 3 weeks ago. I sent new updated readings on Monday. As I say, electricity was shown as updated yesterday but not Monday’s Gas reading which was 25659. I have inputted it again today so hopefully it will show up in the next day or so. Thank you.

Hi @tim3978 , nope, you’re completely correct. Your gas readings hadn’t loaded correctly. Good spot! We had to manually load an extra bit of information onto your gas account to do with your local gas supply. I’ve done that now and loaded both readings. Sorry we didn’t pick this up sooner :slight_smile:

No worries. Thanks for sorting it out.

Hi, I’m having the same issue with the gas reading. Only the electricity reading has been implemented since the 17th.

Hi Stephen, it looks like the only reading we have for you is your opening read. What’s your read for today and I’ll try to submit it from my side? Cheers, Owen