Meter Readings

I submit meter readings every month as soon as you request them. Each month you still estimate my usage afterwards at a higher amount and it appears that you are using the estimated reading to calculate my bill. Can you please explain this? Even with your higher estimates I am still in credit so I’m not happy that my bill is not an accurate reflection of my monthly usage. Why do I bother sending readings if your are going to ignore them?

They are doing this with me too, the estimated readings are far far higher than my meter readings!

I submitted opening meter reads for gas and electricity on the same day I submitted my closing reads for my previous supplier. The gas read on my Bulb account has been changed from 495 to 548 but the read on my previous account is still reading 495. The electric read is
the same with both suppliers. Why has the gas read been changed and why did I bother giving the read if it is just ignored?

Hi @jill1206

We’re using your meter reads but you’re providing them even quicker than we expected! Any period longer than 4 days is long enough for the system to estimate that small time period. We send our email at 8:00pm 4 days before we send your statement, if you respond that evening with your reads, it will be 4 days before and the system just bridges that gap with an estimate. We send the email 4 days before to give you long enough to get some reads over, but if you are super efficient, there is a small estimate to close that month off, but it’s only a 4 day estimate, so it’s not too different.

@orangarnold Your situation is a little different. The opening read was updated to be increased from 1456 to 1514 and therefore, every read you have been submitting has been lower than that one. I’ve now added your read and sent you a catch up bill. Your future meter reads won’t error in the future. I’m very sorry for the frustration caused.

@Fairmaid I’ve corrected the opening read to 495 for you now. Seems like there was a bit of confusion about this, but the agreed switch read is 495.

All of your readings will come through to us and I would advise on sending them over as often as you have been before, the reads will go into our system without a problem from now on in all of your cases.


OK, so what’s the actual timescale for ensuring that user readings are used rather than estimates ?

e.g. I started on the 23rd. I plan to send you a monthly reading on the 23rd following. When will you issue/claim a payment ? When do I need to send you a meter reading to ensure that it’s used.

Rob, your response isn’t acceptable. Your estimates are way higher than my actual useage. I was over £100 in credit before my monthly payment was made this month. That’s nearly £200 out, and you’re still estimating way higher than actual readings. There’s no way I could use that much energy in 4 days!

@victor Your billing is aligned to the 23rd.

We will ask for a read on the 19th at 8:00pm and I would recommend providing one on the 20th/21st.

The payments will be on the 23rd too.

@jill1206 The estimates are only ever small amounts on top of your actual read, but I think you’re referring to the estimates as being your monthly quote amount.

If you’re referring to monthly payment and the credit on your account, that’s something very different, you can adjust your own payments anytime. The monthly quote amount is always in your control and we would rather you didn’t have a building debit on your account, so feel free to adjust this.