Meter readings


When I try to submit meter readings I’m having an issue. The gas readings are being accepted, however the electric reading isn’t. There is no issue when submitting. The electric reading is just failing to update. I have tried multiple times now, to no avail. Any help would be gratefully appreciated



Hi @Philippa, you’re not by any chance still before your switch date are you?

Hi, we switched on the 21st December 2017 for both electricity and gas. We providing readings for both electricity and gas before joining, which were accepted. Since then only the gas readings have been accepted.

Hi @Philippa we have received electricity readings for 21st December and 5th Jan, and gas readings for 21st, 29th December, and 2nd January. Sometimes they take a couple of days to appear on MyBulb. Please let me know if there are more that should be inputted.

I have just checked previous meter readings that I have inputted. You have accepted all of the electric readings but estimated the gas readings. You have over estimated the gas readings which adds to the frustration. It’s a very simple problem that still is a problem. Will it ever actually be solved?