Meter Readings

When do other members send in your meter readings?is it monthly or weekly?,I think it would be a good idea if I send them in weekly as I think this would be a more accurate reading for my bill.Don’t know if it’s allowed weekly or not.

@Fatboyjim59, I aspire to send them weekly but have been pretty busy so have just been sending them over as and when I remember. Until any prices change, whenever you send them you’ll end up being charged the correct amount in the end; you just might end up paying more one month and less the next.

As far as I know, you can send meter readings as frequently as you like but I’d probably not try and send more than one a day! :mrgreen:

Bulb’s terms state that
3.15. So we can bill you as accurately as possible, you must give us an up-to-date meter reading for your energy at least every 30 days.
It’s been confirmed on this forum that in fact no one will be chased as long as readings are supplied every three months.
For accuracy of statements, the ideal time to submit is two or three days before your billing date.
I use the ‘Just Reminder’ Android app to remind me to take readings every Sunday morning, as I like to closely monitor my usage, and hopefully keep it down. I don’t know whether Bulb’s algorithms are able to produce more refined estimates with weekly readings.

@Fatboyjim59 We recommend monthly so we are sure we are billing you accurately, but we will never chase you if you haven’t submitted. We send someone out to read the meters once a year to make sure everything is up to date!

Thank you DanP, however I put the readings in on the 7January 2018 and I have still got a estimated bill, I was under the impression that if I put the numbers in a few days before the bill date that it would be a accurate bill based on my readings, I will always put my readings in on time as I want a accurate bill.

Hi @Fatboyjim59, the estimate should only be a very small amount off your previous meter reading if it’s just estimating a few days.
I’ve never been too bothered myself, but based on other comments on the forums it seems almost an art form to manage to submit your readings on just the right day for it to generate your bill based on the submitted readings rather than the readings plus a few days of estimate on top.

As smart meters are now only 4-5 months out for trial members and 6 to 8 or so for others, I wonder if even with the confusion it seems to cause, it’s not worth the effort for Bulb to try and make it less confusing when it will be mostly automated by the end of the year.

It probably makes no difference whether you send your readings or not. I’ve sent readings every week for 6 weeks but no gas readings show up and was estimated on bill. Could get no sense from bulb when I queried it.

Thanks floridafil, It seems a strange way to do things,obviously if people don’t put their readings in they have to estimate the bill but for people who take the time to put their meter reading in on time it would be good to get a accurate bill based on the numbers that are put in.
It may not be a lot over or under but it makes no sense to estimate a bill when the readings are there for them to work off,it makes me think what will happen when the smart meters are rolled out, will they be based on the meter readings or will they still be estimated? Time will only tell.

it makes me think what will happen when the smart meters are rolled out
As they'll likely have a meter reading from you every 30 seconds (by default), it'll be based on meter readings!

Thanks mowcius ,Every 30 seconds! and I was worried about putting them in weekly!

@Fatboyjim59 We did take in to account your readings and they are shown on your bill. As the readings were 5 days away from the end of the billing period we had to estimate to the end of the month, but these are based on your readings. The sweet spot for giving us readings is 2 days before the bills are sent out.

@floridafil I have sorted some things on your account and you should now be able to see all your readings that you have submitted.

Thank you DanP at Bulb, so as my date is the 13 I assume that I have to put the readings in on the 11.

@“DanP at Bulb” Thank you, I can indeed see all readings

@Fatboyjim59 Yep, that would be ideal!

@floridafil Glad it is now sorted :slight_smile: