meter readings

my electricity meter display 5 digits only - yet BULB is asking for 6 digits
help please

I’m sure last month when I gave an electricity reading you only asked for 5 digits. My meter also only has 5 digits, so entering 0 for the sixth worked. It wouldn’t accept only entering 5 digits. How to confuse your customers in one go!
Also when going on to enter my gas reading (and I thought it was accepted), it still said ‘thanks for your electricity reading’, which made me think that the gas reading had not been registered, so put it in again only to be told ‘thanks for your electricity reading’ again. More confusion!

@bill6768, I hope you entered the zero as the first digit rather than the last, or you may find you get a bill 10x larger than expected!

@powwow, I’d suggest double checking with Bulb (ideally by phone - 0300 30 30 635) or entering a zero as the first digit.

Why would I enter a zero as the first digit? The new format for electricity readings is xxxxx.x (5 digits plus decimal digit). It’s the .x number that isn’t on my meter. Entering a zero as the first digit will really screw your reading up!

Hi @bill6768, ahh, if it’s asking for a decimal as in your example then you’re almost certainly right in adding a zero at the end.

Hi @bill6768- your readings have gone through okay. It sounds confusing and will raise the difficulties you had following the redesign with our tech team.
@powwow It looks like you got a reading in. If you ever want to double check give us a call or send a picture of your meter via email to