meter readings

I have sent in numerous gas readings and none of them have been taken into account, I am worried I am going to owe a ton of money, as my account is showing as highly in credit when it really shouldn’t be. Why are my gas readings not showing up (bear in mind I have used both the photo method on the bulb app and manual input)?


I’ve taken a look at your account and it appears the statements are unable to run as a result of the opening gas read not being received through to our system. I have chased this information up from our data provider as we should have received it back in June.

I have calculated your average elec £70/month and gas £35/month (only have reads from October to Jan so it will be an overestimate)

I would advise increasing your payments to £105/month and that should mean that once we issue the first bill, which I will be working to obtain the information for you, your account will not have any surprises.

Let me know if you would like me to change that for you.