Meter readings

My bulb account will not let me enter my electric meter reading only my gas and they are largely over estimating my use. Does anyone know why? Or how I can solve it?

I have the same problem. Not able to submit meter readings.

It lets me enter mine but pretty much every month the ones i enter dont make it through to my account and i have to email to get them on. Can Bulb get it fixed please?

I have been having problems also for last 2 months, i hv=ave entered 4 gas readings, it accepts them and i ok it, next day the reading is missing, so the last gas reading i have been able to enter is from november, now i notice that the payment that left my account on 28th dec for the bill has now re-entered my in account on 28th january, has my last bill not been paid, what is going on here, only been a bulb member for a few months and everything was fine, now its going bad.

@Midgleyellie @Georgio - I’m sorry this has been difficult for you. Please let us know your reading (either on here or send a photo to and we can enter them manually for you. At the same time, we’ll investigate to see what’s going on. Things should run smoother from there.

@anne7 - We had an issue with gas reads disappearing, and it’s something we’ve been keeping an eye on. Just to explain, the reads get submitted and are validated on our side and used for your bill, but then a few days later can disappear, because the industry validation process they go through has rejected them. This rejection can sometimes catch big errors on bills for us, so can be useful, but other times means that correct reads get removed when they shouldn’t be.

On Weds 31st we managed to come up with a way of stopping these unhelpful rejections, so from now on your reads won’t be removed and won’t, therefore, disappear from your MyBulb.

I hope this article can clear up your question on how payments and statements work.

Let us know if we can help further.

@CraigPP - I’ve just got back to you on email - let us know more about the meter and we’ll get this solved.