Meter Readings

I think I have provided incorrect initial meter readings from the smart meter fitted by my previous supplier.
I have submitted the correct readings today.
Will you be able to alter this on my account?

Hi @arca1973 sorry for the really slow response from this side, we’re having an unusually high number of emails at the moment. I’ve looked into your account, and also at the meter photos you’ve emailed us, and I can see the problem. It looks like your old supplier has given us your old meter number (before your meter was replaced in August last year), as well as the estimated meter reads that relate to the old meter too. In order to correct the read, we first need to register your new meter in our systems and then we can correct the reading. I’ll go ahead and do that now, and one of my colleagues will be back in touch with you via email when the correct meter reads are registered. Thanks for your patience!