Meter readings

Hi. Does Bulb contact you when it’s time for a meter reading?

Yes, you get an email.

Howevr,if anyone from Bulb is reading, it would be great to get a reminder email a day or so later, or option to receive a message via WhatsApp! Sometimes I get too many emails to remember to submit a reading.

Hi dahokolomoki. Thank you!

@dahokolomoki, it’s not clear from the emails however to get the most accurate bills and fewer estimates, readings should ideally be submitted about 3 days before your payment date.

@opolopo, as above but you can submit readings whenever you like so long as they’re relatively regular. Your bills will still average out the same, whether you submit readings right before your payment date or not.

Unable to submit first metre reading.

@dahokolomoki I will pass on the feedback that you would like reminders by message or WhatsApp, we will see if we could offer this in the future!

@Mutley46 What appears to be the issue with entering the readings? If you let me know what they are I can try and sort the issue/enter the readings for you?