Meter readings

The meter reading web pages are confusing. The Electricity page asks for all numbers, including that following the decimal point, and the Gas page asks for all numbers. The Help pages, however, clearly state that, in common with other energy suppliers, the numbers following the decimal point on both gas and electricity meters are not required. Please amend the reading submission pages accordingly.

Hi @AndrewNSmith Thanks for this feedback, we are trialing the different submission pages after a number of our members reported that it was confusing not to include the decimal places. In many cases, this means that members send us inaccurate readings which can cause problems further on, especially if the readings are as part of a switch.

So that’s why we made the change to the submission page - but we aren’t totally set on our current submission pages at the moment and are gathering feedback from community members like yourself and the rest of our members, so we can design a page that works for everyone - this feedback is being passed on!