Meter Readings

Why when I send in my meter readings, do you still estimate the amount used?

Hi jacqueline2470, that shouldn’t be the case. I apologise for that. Sometimes if a member has had a meter exchange in the last few years and we don’t know about it, meter reads can generate based on industry estimates. Could you send in a picture of your meters please? Please send them to


@Zeena Zeena at Bulb. This really isn’t a hard one to get right IT team.

It can also be estimated if a member gave a meter read more than 2-3 days before their bill date. Try to submit meter reads within that timeframe.

@Zeena My comment wasn’t aimed at you. They’ve given you the wrong user name - it should be Zeena at Bulb so that customers know that they’re getting a response from Bulb.

Ah, thanks for that. You’re right, I’m Zeena @ Bulb. Will get that checked out.