meter readings

I have just sent my second meter reading for electricity. I have had a message thanking me for the first meter reading. Did you receive the first meter reading sent on the 1st May??

If you go to your account and then submit readings it will show last and previous readings.

Hi @douglas40 we’ve got a note of your readings on May 1st, and today on June 1st.

The reason that you may not see them on your account yet is that we’re missing a piece of info about your switch from your previous supplier, which is related to the technical info about your meter. We definitely would have expected to have received this by now, as it’s been almost 4 weeks since your switch. As such, I’ve chased this up with the organisations that process this exchange of info between suppliers. Once that comes through to us, you’ll see the reads on the account.

Regarding the reply from Euan @ Bulb. I have spoken to my previous supplier (2nd July). They say they are waiting to receive the final meter reading from yourselves! Which I sent to you on the 1st May. Two months now and still no conclusion!!!

Hi @douglas40 we are still chasing this up. Action was last taken last week and we are working to fix this issue as soon as possible.