Meter readings

We moved house a month ago and joined Bulb. This month we got a nice email saying we hadn’t used as much energy as predicted so we’re getting credited around £35.

But when I checked this is clearly a mistake. Bulbs’ energy consumption calculation was based on the previous meter readings/energy use of our address. The problem is - it’s been empty for about a year or so. So Bulb thought we only used about 9 kWh of electricity! :#

I’ve now sent them an updated meter reading - we’ve actually used about 168kWh - but what happens next, are we going to be hit by a proper stinger next month?

Hi @Mikeyp thanks for flagging that one up for us, if we’ve estimated your usage incorrectly then it would be really helpful if we could get an actual reading at some point, to catch up to where you actually are. What’ll then happen is that your next statement will catch up to the whole two month’s worth of usage, so it will be larger than normal, but that won’t change your actual payment amount next month. Since your payments wouldn’t have been based on that very small usage, you’ll just have some extra credit in your account from the ‘overpayment’ this month, and next month that credit will be used up along with your payment to cover the larger than usual bill.