Meter readings

Why is it that when I have just sent my meter reading ( only a couple of days ago ) someone has been to read my meter , is this a legitimate person from Bulb ?

Hey @Janbo

Sometimes once a year an independent meter reader will come and read your meter to ensure everything is as it should be and to make sure the digits match up with what they might have. It is also common for Bulb to have an estimated reading generated, based upon the information you’ve given to them and information given to them by previous providers.

If you’ve got any immediate concerns, you can always email - there’s always someone happy to help!

Hi @Janbo @mitchell is correct; we’re obligated to send someone at least once a year to take a reading. Our contractors are called Morrisons Data Services. They have their own schedules for visiting our members, so they would not have known you submitted a reading. Also, that needs to take place anyway.