meter readings

I have joined Bulb in August and Bulb has declared the estimated meter readings received from my ex supplier Scottish Power were 11500 approx and 54500 approx. I just received the final Scottish Power bill dated 28th Aug (day of switching over to Bulb) was 22133 and 58993, how is possible to have such huge discrepancy? I am starting not trusting BULB.
Pls explain.

George Dimitriou (your new customer).

Did you supply meter readings to Bulb a couple of days prior to your switch? Normally these are the ones that Bulb would use for your opening reading and the closing reading by your previous supplier, a validation by a third party is carried out to validate the readings to avoid the situation currently experienced by you. In theory it would be Bulb who supplies meter readings to your previous supplier not the other way round.

Hi @Arta1357 - I’ve sent you an email to go over this.