Meter readings

Build still not sent meter readings to old company are they always this slow as old company took money off me

Hi @Gordon_smith1964

Thanks for getting in touch. I don’t know if your old supplier explained the whole process to you, but I’ll just quickly explain what happens during a switch. Essentially, suppliers can’t send meter reads to each other directly. The readings have to go to the industry regulator first, the regulator validates them, and then sends them to the old supplier (assuming they pass validation). This is what can delay the process of producing final bills.

In your case, we’ve sent your opening reads off to the regulator, and it sounds like they haven’t been passed on to your old supplier yet. I believe that the maximum time it can take for those reads to be passed on is 6 weeks, though about two weeks is more normal. If you’ve been waiting longer than about a month, then let us know and we’ll see if we can chase things up for you