meter readings

We joined Bulb on 04/09/18 and submitted a meter reading on that date, when will you require a further Meter Reading

@barbara123 We would love to have your meter readings on a monthly basis, so we sent a meter reading reminder every month. However, don’t feel bad if you can’t submit a meter reading every month as we can always update your account after the fact :slight_smile:

Hi - I submitted a meter reading but the app doesn’t seem to have registered it. Can you please check? My estimated bill is so high compared to my actual usage. Would like to be paying only what I am using please, thanks.

If the app doesn’t register it (it can take a few hours - occasionally a few days - as meter readings have to be verified by Bulb’s internal systems and then by a third party ‘industry’ company before they are properly recorded), it’ll be worth dropping Bulb an email at (or call/live chat - see ) with the readings. It may be because your readings is higher/lower than expected (for example, the ‘independent industry regulator’, might have you down as using a lot of gas to heat your house and so expect you to have a high bill every month - but you’ve insulated and got a new boiler so their figures are really wrong now: or a small transcription error has occurred somewhere and your previous reading was something like 12365 and your new reading is 12359 - but meters can’t go backwards so the reading is being rejected).