Meter readings

I submitted my gas and electricity meter readings on 2 Oct 2018 but I’ve just received an email asking me to submit my meter readings! Yet on the email dated 2 Oct 2018 thanking me for my meter readings, it says 'Another reading in about 3 months would be ideal to keep things shipshape. ’ So why have I been asked to submit meter readings again just 25 days after I last submitted them???

Hi @Sheri52,

To provide you with an accurate monthly bill - Bulb ideally needs readings from you every month (ideally 2-3 days before the billing date). You can, if you want, only provide meter readings every quarter (3 months), but this means that two of the 3 bills you receive will be ‘estimated’ and will not reflect your actual usage (they may be estimated lower than your actual usage which means when you do provide a meter reading, you’ll be ‘hit’ by a higher than expected bill - or they may be estimated higher than you were using and therefore you’ve paid more money than you should have done).