Meter Readings

I have just joined bulb and being asked for my first meter reading.
When I went to enter the information it tells me that the last meter reading they have from my previous supplier is dated March 2018 and the figure is way out of date. When I checked with my previous supplier they have a very recent figure which reflects what I have used since March.
I am afraid that if I just enter the new figure from my meter, Bulb will calculate the cost based on out of date information.
There does not appear to be a phone number I can call to check it out.

Bulb do not calculate any cost based on your opening reading. They only use the opening reading and subsequent later readings onwards. Bulb will pass the reading you give them to your previous supplier as the closing reading, and so everything should be fine.

If you wanted to be doubly sure, you could always give Bulb your readings and at the same time give the same readings for the same day to your previous supplier. That’s what I did. There ought to be no argument then!

Phone number is here from the Help pages:

See big help button at the top, following by clicking “How can I get in touch with Bulb?”