Meter readings

Hi there I can’t seem to be able to add meter readings it shows the last one but there is nowhere to add another either on the web account page or the app

Are Bulb Energy experiencing web / internet challenges today?

We have attempted to update Meter readings this morning and the service does not appear to be working Do Bulb Energy have problems with their site?

They have big problems full stop…

I sent my final meter reading to you on 28/04/19 because I am getting no where in setting up my account. Instead you are sending bills to “The Occupier” at another address. I want to pay you for your supply since I took over from the previous occupier of the flat. I have sent you emails but no one is answering. That bill to the occupier at an address in the SE2 0LA area will be totally ignored since you are not providing electricity supply to that address. This is turning out to be a very stressful experience.

Are Bulb Energy a proper electricity supplier or not? I am not getting proper customer services.

I’m also unable to submit my first meter readings very disappointed