meter readings

hello my bil is stuck . when i enter meter readings is shows red and asking for photo cos big diference , i sended photos and readings still not real… what to do ?

i am having the same problem . the first reading they estimated is whey out so i provided a photo and they have ignored it and its still miles out & we have now had a massive final bill of our old supplier because of Bulbs estimate . wish we had not bothered changing . what a mess

Hi @wyrukas, we’re sorry that you’ve had trouble submitting your meter readings. You have a two rate meter, which means you’ve got one reading for day usage, and one for night usage. It looks like you might be entering the day reading in the night slot, and vice versa - therefore our system is rejecting the readings.

To get both readings, press the blue button who says ‘cycle display’. We’ve been informed from your previous supplier, that the higher reading is your night reading,= and the lower one is your day reading. I’ve just sent you an email in case you have anymore questions about this.

Hey @dizzycat1,

Thanks for sending in photos of your meter. Unfortunately we weren’t able to bill you to these readings, because your previous supplier received meter readings from March, which were higher than what you sent us. Meter readings can’t decrease over time, so you may have accidentally submitted them incorrectly to your previous supplier - hence the high bill!

Not to worry, we can raise a dispute and send an email to your previous supplier so they’re aware of what’s happened. I’ll keep you updated with progress of this via email.