Meter readings

How do I submit my Meter Readings ?

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I have gone round and round your Community Pages and cannot find anywhere to enter my Meter Readings ! ! ! It may be quicker to write you a letter !


Same here ! Even the the app there is not an option to submit readings or via the online account??


Same here

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I tried emailing and online chat but eventually they appear to have estimated the readings or got them from my old supplier because they don’t match the ones I gave!

Hi @DaviD_3_FaulkneR @DavidO166 and @biker_chris You can submit meter readings on your Bulb account. If there is not the facility to do so on there, it is because you have a smart meter and we can therefore read it remotely. If we are unable to read your smart meter remotely, and you therefore have to submit the readings yourself, you can do so by phoning us on 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm), emailing us on, or on the live chat feature.

Ditto I may go back to Spark Energy

We have the same problem. Time to contact the ombudsman everybody.

I have a smart meter, put in by British gas, when I moved to bulb after a few months I wondered why my readings were about £2.50 a month off. It was because I had two readings on the BG electric, for a while I was inputting two electric readings but since I got it all sorted with the company I left the second reading, which was giving a reading of electric used in a free time period, has stopped and so has the daily charge reading which was also the daily charge of the BG tariff.

You should have a Bulb dashboard that says meter readings, payments and statements, energy usage, account settings and finally a get £50, this is a referral link for introducing new customers.

me too - this is not very atraightforward

Bulb asks for meter readings but ……z
try this