Meter Readings

Hello everyone,

I am new to bulb. I switched suppliers as I heard good things about the company.

I have switched and gave my readings in, which were submitted incorrectly by the team.

I called up to change them, they confirmed them back to me. I have just gone onto the bulb app and the person I spoke to has mixed up my day and night rate.

Any ideas what to do?

Everytime I ring, they do it wrong!!

Only Bulb can access your info so best contact again, maybe try live chat.

I had exactly the same problem when we joined Bulb. After several emails and phone calls, they eventually sorted the problem out, but it then took another series of emails and phone calls to change our account settings so that I could submit separate day and night meter readings online or via the app without their IT systems rejecting them as invalid! Basically they still have lots of teething problems with Economy 7 meter readings, as well as the introduction of smart meters for anyone on Economy 7. I’m hoping all these problems will get sorted out eventually!

Thank you! I tried live chat and phone calls throughout today and still had the problem.
I’m hoping tomorrow they will sort it!!
Thank you for the response!