Meter readings

I’ve been a customer with you guys for over a year and a half but have been having issues recently. I haven’t had a statement since June and so our credit keeps topping up because no money is being deducted. This must be because you’re not getting any meter readings from our smart meter which you recently installed, is that right? I have tried contacting you several times via phone and online chat but neither are ever available due to being super busy.

Same here :o

And we’re not alone based on what I’m seeing on Twitter.

We’ve not had either Aug nor Sept statements. We have an Gen 1 smart meter that was apparently (according to Bulb) compatible for smart meter readings.

Can’t get ahold of Bulb either, we’ve emailed them multiple times and phone queue times are outrageous. Their online chat keeps telling me to email and that’s when I can get support via the chat.

As such we even went as far as moving over to Bulb’s Smart Tariff, which has 3 different unit rates based on the time of day.

We can actually see our daily usage on the Bulb Website under usage.

Clearly Bulbs system is receiving our electricity usage data.

And yet no statements and like you stated our credit keeps increasing.

At this point I’m not entirely convinced that the lack of statements is due to Bulb not receiving smart meter readings (or at least not in my case). However, one thing is abundantly clear and that there is something very wrong with Bulb’s billing system and this cannot go on any longer before either the Energy Ombudsman or OfGem have to get involved. Though I’m wondering if contacting BBC watchdog may not be necessary as well.