Meter reads 1 and 4

Hi there.

Could do with some advice on my digital meter. It has 1 reading, and then a 4 reading (alternates). Since moving in and on instruction from the landlord, 1 is day and 4 is night. However, I’m quite concerned that this could be the other way round :confused:

Does anyone have a similar type reader with the numbers 1 and 4 who could confirm which is day and which is night?


Even if they do, there’s no guarantee it’ll be the same way round as yours. Rate 1 is almost certainly the normal rate (“day”) as you’ve been told, but you’re right to check. The simplest way to do it is to write down both meter readings at say 10am, and then check again a few hours later and see which one has changed. Easy.

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That makes perfect sense. Thanks, will try.