Meter replaced, now no hot water

We had our meter replaced on Tuesday 8th Aug by an e on engineer via blub, he had to turn the electricity off for over 3 hours and since its been done we have no hot water, it seems the timer is not working now, we have tried to get an answer from e on about someone coming back to sort it out, but they just send me back here, please can this be sorted out,ASAP as we have two elderly vulnerable people at the house and we have no hot water at all thank you

Hi @Sue84

Please can you get a report from the electrician? This is to check the meter is the cause of this.

Once that’s sorted, Can you give us a ring on 0300 303 0635 ?

This sounds like it needs to be looked into as soon as possible given the people at the property. Someone on the phone will be able to raise this with our Emergency Metering Team to look into- as there are quite a few questions we need to go through, doing this over the phone would be best and quickest.

Also, from the things you’ve mentioned, it may be worthwhile looking into our Priority Services Register (PSR).

This is available to members who need assistance due to their personal circumstances. For example, if you’re aged over 60, live with a child under 5 years old, or have a disability or health problem.

Depending on your situation we can:

  • offer extra support during emergencies and power cuts
  • arrange to send your statements in a more accessible format
  • add another name to your account to help you manage your energy
  • offer extra help to read your meter

These free extra services are designed to give you peace of mind, and make sure help is available if you need it. Visit your Bulb Account to find out more.

– H :bulb: