Meter serial number not right

I just gave my first meter reading and the meter serial number at the top of the page does not match the one on my meter.

I am switching from npower because of bogus meter issues.

They tried to fit a smart meter last year but the engineer left my old one in because he was unable to get a signal.

They kept deciding I had one and were under billing me for it.

This was resolved by them 3 times but became unresolved again recently which was the final straw.

I do hope they are not passing on this issue to you.

Also you don’t seem to have any way to speak to someone about this.

I’m just another customer. The contact details are on the contact us page. I’d suggest using phone or webchat. Bulb are currently taking a long time to respond to email.

In addition to the contact details, there’s also a lot of other useful articles in the help section that you might like to look through.