Meter Stopped working

I have reported this many times my electric meter is not recording any units, the tails are in a locked box and I dont have a key…if this is not resolved alone I will be putting in a complaint ombusman

Hi @Jan123,

Have you contacted Bulb directly via email at or phone (see for phone opening times etc). There is a specialist complaints email address (and complaints procedure) at if necessary.

When you say ‘in a locked box’ - do you just mean the normal meter box? If so, those keys can be purchased from practically anywhere for a couple of quid and it is actually the householders responsibility for the meter box (and anything ‘after’ the meter).

@Jan123 Have you had access to the meter box in the past if you know it has not been recording any usage?

How do you know this is the case? Can you send us a photo of the meter or if you need us to send you a key get in touch and we can get one sent to you :slight_smile: