Meter tails too short


We just had our smart meter installed, and the engineer told me the ‘meter tails’ (cables running out from the meter) were quite short and that this could cause problems in future. He recommended getting someone in to replace the cables.

Has this happened to anyone else - and anyone know what the cost of replacing meter tails might be?

@shivshiv, the engineers carry meter tails on the van so I’d have thought they’d just install an isolator switch and some longer cables.
That’s what they did for mine but perhaps they they only install isolators if specifically requested (as I did).

They’re not permitted to touch where the cables go into your consumer unit, but an electrician who can touch that end is not permitted to touch the end that goes into the meter.

Commenting that they seemed quite short but doing nothing about it still seems a little odd. Do you have a photo?
There’s not much point changing tails now if they’re not currently causing a problem.