Meter times

I have an Economy 7 meter but the time is not correct. Is this impacting my charges ?

Hi @IJP,

Economy 7 meters and the like are designed to have a certain amount of ‘jitter’ so everybody’s meter doesn’t switch over at exactly the same time. The clock on them is allowed to be ‘out’ 30 minutes either way (so if the ‘real time’ is 10pm, the clock on the meter could read from 9.30pm to 10.30pm and still be ‘accurate’)

As long as your Economy 7 devices (such as storage heaters) either follow the meter switchover (they may be on a separate circuit which is only fed by the Eco7 meter if you have that sort of set) or have their own timers and you’ve set those timers to follow the Eco7 meter times, then no, it won’t affect your charges. If you heaters are set to ‘charge’ from 9pm and your meter doesn’t switch over to 9.30pm, then there will be a 30minute overlap period where you are paying higher rates.