I am in the process of switching to BULB. I have an economy 7 meter (a day rate and a night rate). Using night storage heaters are very expensive even at the cheaper night rate. Would it be possible to change my meter to a day rate only as I believe an eco electric heater being switched on when I need it (rather than having my flat hot during the day when I’m not here and not hot enough in the evening) would be more cost effective. Would there be a cost for the change? And, as I’m a tenant of the propery, the cost to have the meter changed back to economy 7.

Hi @Jfdough

The storage heaters can be configured and adjusted if they are not heating the right amount of water at the right times.

You may want to check how they are set up as you would definitely pay more for your energy in the long run if you were just on a single rate tariff. The winter usage of the storage heaters is very high and far outweigh the benefit of the single rate.

I would check the settings of the heaters and the time the heaters are running. We can actually move you to a single rate tariff without changing your meter, so you’re best off with an Economy 7 meter anyway.