Meters not sending readings

Only moved into property just over a month ago. Initially there seemed to be meter readings going to Bulb for first day and maybe a week or two after, but now gas never updates on my account and I can’t get the meter to give any reading at all. Electricity seems to be fine, in thst I can read the meter and send manually. I notice other people having a problem with one of both too. I’ve no idea how much gas I’m using and not happy! I’ve tried changing to take daily readings but neither meter updated to that yet online.

I’m currently just adding money to my account every week as there is no way I’m making direct debit payments. The ‘amount’ you ask online keeps wildy changing too.

Hi @Angeyorkshire63

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After reviewing your account I can see that we have started receiving your readings for the electricity. At Bulb we only support Direct Debit payments which cover your energy usage one month in advance. You can also make top-up payments to your account balance through your Bulb account or by giving us a ring on 0300 30 30 635.

Upfront payments mean we can make smarter decisions when buying your energy, and that helps us pass more savings on to our members. Monthly payments from your bank account build up credit in your Bulb account. Every month we’ll use this credit to pay for the energy you’ve used.

By doing this we’re able to keep your payment amount the same throughout the year, meaning there are no surprise bills in the colder months.

We do offer alternative payments such as the Variable Direct Debit. So this means Instead of paying a fixed amount on your direct debit each month, your direct debit amount would just adjust to what your bill comes to for the month.

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Your reply had nothing to do with my problem! But clearly you are just focused on me sending you money by DD (which I’m not going to do). I said my gas meter isn’t giving readings my end. So I don’t have a record of what I’m using. The usage chart on my account is meaningless as its not correct. I’ve tried calling today but got cut off twice once I was through to an operative.