Hi my mum has a key meter for gas and electricity. If she was to come to bulb would you change the meters. Or would she need to get them changed first?

@Mattc21, by key meter, do you mean a prepay meter?

Bulb can’t yet supply properties with prepay meters but will do from early 2018 (see here)

If she’s looking to move to a non-prepay meter then Bulb would be able to supply the address following a meter switch. I’m sure someone from Bulb will pop up to confirm whether she would need to arrange the switch in advance or whether they could do it for her.

@mowcius yes prepay I was going to refer her. But I was unsure if I could as she has a prepay meter. She is more than happy to have it changed. Thanks for your reply

@Mattc21 If they want to switch ASAP then they will have to change the meter before moving across to us. However, we have a prepay trial so if we could have her details (message me with these) then we can add her to this list.