Metre exchange and credit

Hello on the 28/6/22 i had my old prepayment key metre taken out and replaced with a prepayment smart metre. This morning i happend to read the green card the engineer left folded on top of the metre, ive noticed that he has wrote my credit of £67.21 in the debt section on the card and also noticed he has missed a digit from the metre reading rate1 which gives a incorrect reading on the card. I dont know if this this is of any significance to what readings etc that bulb does receive and what is wrote down on the card. I also did take photographs of the full metre readings and credit on my metre etc before my metre was removed. Thank you.

Hi @Sue72 :wave: Welcome back!

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I’ve checked over your account and it looks like you got in touch and had this sorted.

If you’ve got any other questions, or if there’s anything else you need help with, let us know :point_down:

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