Metre has restarted at 00000 and bulb won't accept the new lower reading?


My original reading was 97689 for the gas when we first signed up to bulb.

I’ve just tried to submit another one to get a more accurate feel for how much we are using (I should have been doing it monthly my bad :frowning: ) but when I go to submit the reading it says that the reading is lower than he previous one from November (estimate)

  1. I think our metre has just reached it max and rolled over to 00000 and restarted counting, hence the lower number

  2. even if it hadn’t, if the actual figures I tried entering were lower than the estimate provided, surely that should allow me to enter them because it just means bulbs estimate is too high?

Could someone please clarify? what should I do if my metre has rolled over to 00000 in the course of my tenancy.

@Cpayne, what does your meter currently read? If it has rolled over, it should be 00### or 0####.

I’d have thought that it would go up to at least 99999 (or 999999) which would be a not-insignificant amount of gas to have used in that short a period of time!

@Cpayne this shouldn’t be a problem. Please can you let me know specifically what the reading is and I’ll have a look at this for you? Cheers, Owen